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  1. hahaha Which one? The latest one I would have assumed would be a bad special. The last one, well that one was pure magic and should have earned several awards for outstanding awesomeness.
  2. Um well I wrote it after reading your drunken ummm... a good way?

  3. Wait, special good or special bad?
  4. Yep!! :}
  5. I am? :shiny:
  6. You'm speshal!
  7. It's your 20th birthday! Happy birthday Badge!
  8. I think you're onto something there.
  9. Maybe that was the wishbone's plan? To make you do it out of fear so it didn't have to do it itself...because sure....the wishbone is like a fairy that goes around granting wishes...
  10. That's for sure! It's like Jiro said, maybe I negated my ruined wish by doing it myself.
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