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  1. CURRY?! What kind of curry...
  2. Took me forever to find it Leen. All those time would have been spent on curry and Leen Leen.
  3. You lie! It's right there!
  4. The little alien in Santa suit is gone though!

  5. Nooooo give back Christmas!

    ... Except I think Christmas is already back. Woo!
  6. Yes, Waldorf is bad and had taken Christmas!! Gwahahaha!!
  7. Wooo let's go for it! ... Except for the hitting kids part. Bad Waldorf! Bad!
  8. Just so we can live in it together!

    We hit little kids who try to eat out house too!!
  9. You have a house ... made of CANDY?!
  10. Yes, they are evil! Let's bite them one of these days!

    I need Leen to stay with me!! I will let you stay in my candies house!
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