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  1. Hmm ... VCPDR for short! Vicpoodeer. Is that how you pronounce it?
  2. That's the funnest part; exploding milk! You never know when it's gonna go!

    the volleyball club of precious dreams and rainbows
  3. We cooooould start a volleyball club. What should we name it!? And that does sound pretty scary. Though I have to admit I don't like milk in general so heating up milk also sounds scary. What if it explodes?!
  4. I was hoping you could teach me! Maybe we can teach each other. I want a glass of warm milk for some reason but I have no idea what happens to soya milk if you heat it up. I don't want to create a strange soya creature that chases me
  5. Yes teach me about volleyball! I know nothing!
  6. The art of volleyball; pure and simple. Laid bare.
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