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  1. Happy Birthday
  2. I just wanted to stop by and say hello. Hope things have been going well for you.
  3. Back in 2006 all the active SS except Roogle agreed it should be SSS but Roogle just would never change it :/
  4. That's not a reason to be SSS!

    I shall definitely consider it though as you do a lot of stuff we can't not have done, obviously...
  5. I was SS. I would like to be SSS.
    If I was SSS I wouldn't have to worry about being an Cid's Engineer instead of Site Staff
  6. I can't remember if you were SS or SSS, can you let me know! I saw you mention SSS in one thread but then you always go on about the orange title so yeah... just say the word and I can work some magic.
  7. What advice!? I'm so confused!
  8. I like the advice you're giving Kaycee
  9. Yeah it's worth it enough I suppose. Otherwise I wouldn't have gone up about four or five times now x_x
  10. I remember hearing before something about that being at the top of a hill with a wonderful view, so unless I'm wrong it was probably worth it
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