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  1. So I just got done beating FFVI for the first time. Was wondering if I could get your input on my thoughts in the thread I made for it. We disagree a lot but I appreciate your knowledge and was hoping for some insight or answers.
  2. I have not ever seen that. This is awesome, thank you.
  3. Lol, they're about equal in my mind. Good but flawed and I have no issue discussing those flaws with the passion of Southern Baptist giving a brimstone sermon. I feel both games have problems, but elements that make them really interesting. I do probably spit on VII's rep more than VIIIs but that comes from the game making me a little jaded. I accept the fact I'll always have a chip on my shoulder towards VII.

    I have issues with both stories and casts, but I frankly like VIII's cast better because while they may lack depth, they were inoffensive to my taste whereas VII's cast has more soul but I like maybe three of the playable cast and a few side characters. VII has the better world, but VIII was more daring from a gameplay conception, even if it sadly fell quite short of the mark. Musically, VII wins this, I'll at least agree that VII is one of the best FF soundtracks. I feel like I'm rambling here, basically if I were to rank the FFs, VII and VIII would both probably be low but I would probably rank VIII above VII even though it would literally be right above it. I still like them both more than I do FFX and XIII though.
  4. FFVII or FFVIII, which is the better game?

    Note that our Xenogears Friendship hangs on teh balance of this question.

    But seriously, you trout on FFVII so much and defend FFVIII and it boggles my mind.
  5. DQ is light on plot but if you were going to play one, V, VII, and VIII are my suggestions as they have the best stories of the bunch.

    I can understand the backlog issue. I've probably only played through half of the game I own. I still have PS3 games in their packaging still and I still haven't gotten around to finishing up a few series. Rate I'm going, I'll have to replay Mass Effect 1 and 2 just so I will remember what's going on in ME3.
  6. Although I have had some people swear to me that DQVIII is the best RPG on the PS2.
  7. I mean, DDS/P2 and ToS and ToV are supposed to be me dipping my toes into two new RPG franchises. But even after those two and assuming I play all the games, there's still Suikoden and Wild Arms and Dragon Quest and Atelier... SO. MANY. GAMES!

    I just, I sit back and I realize like 80% of the JRPGs I've played are FF and I want to expand beyond that.

    Of course I hear DQ is very lax on plot so I'm not even sure I'll try those.
  8. Yeah I def know to play both IS and EP. Gonna get IS on PSP and EP off PSN. After that I guess I'll look into one of the PS2 SMT's. I already have DDS1 off PSN but I still need to play it.

    I'm accumulating quite the backlog of RPGs of late. Well, it's unusually high for me since I almost always play every new game I buy. But right now I have Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Versperia and Digital Devil Saga and Blue Dragon to play.

    It gets overwhelming sometimes. So many RPGs out there I still have to play...
  9. The early SMT games can be a pain to get into if you're not use to really old school RPG design. I'd start with SMTIII or Digital Devil Saga/Avatar Turner. DDS is linear and doesn't posses an alignment system but it has a strong story and is a good gateway entry into the PS2 entries, that or Persona 3 and 4.

    If you are interested in the older entries, I would play Strange Journey first. It emulates the classic entries probably a little too well but it will get the best idea as to whether you will be able to stomach the early entries.

    I hope you enjoy P2, I will warn you that the game can be silly at times and P2 works best as a narrative when you play both games. Innocent Sin is pretty goofy at times and the cast are definitely characters but it's the fridge horror of Eternal Punishment that makes the stories really juicy.
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