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  1. Just added you. When I invite you there should be a message that pops up on your screen. Accept and then you will literally take over my PS4 game screen as if you own the game yourself. Share session are limited to 60 mins, but you can reinvite as many times as you like. Quality depends on connection, I've only tried it a couple times myself.
  2. Wow, that does sound pretty barebones. T6 was similar with its quick Story Mode and it's quite a shock to me. The Story Mode in T5 was still pretty extensive after all.

    And how would I go about seeing your game, though? I've never done anything with people online on my PS4. I assume you need my account name or something. My ID is NikMical
  3. I will say before you buy it that offline modes are extremely limited. There's treasure battle where you fight through match after match to get (mostly pretty awful) customisation items. There's no survival, time attack, team battle or even ghost battles. There's arcade mode but it's like, 4 fights. The story mode is ok but it's really short, and a lot of the character aren't in it and are reduced to "character episodes" (one fight = the end). I'm literally online now if you at least wanted to see what you're getting before you shell out
  4. Wow, I appreciate that. But I don't mind buying the game. Well, when I have money that is.

    Although all I know about T7 right now is that it doesn't have Anna. That makes me sad.

    But thank you for the offer.
  5. I think I could possibly "hand you the controller", but not play together. Want to see if it works?
  6. Ah ok, was gonna see if you wanted to try out Tekken 7 via share play! Both users need PS+ to do so though, I think.
  7. No, I'm afraid not. Why?
  8. Hey, do you have PS+?
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