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  1. Will do!
  2. arlight, well i'm jinx starfire. send me a request when you're online!
  3. Caedus Ulvein
  4. what's your avatar name?
  5. I work 7- 330 mon-fri and sometimes another 430-1030 shift on Mon/Tues or a Sun 7-11 shift. I probably can hit a game up until I have to go work out at 6, but I play all day most weekends.
  6. all day
  7. When do you usually play? I think you're an hour ahead of me, but that's nothing too dramatic.
  8. I like doing questing by myself, but partying for dungeons/trials/raids without at least one friend can get boring! That's good too, because I'm trying to level my conjurer and rogue! So I really have something I can play with everyone.
  9. I'm a Gladiator. I stopped playing a few months ago because I rarely had time and/or it is boring playing this kind of game with no party just doing single player quests.
  10. I've been playing since April, but I'd love to play with you (dirty). What class are you playing?
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