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  1. I'm into stuff like that! Thanks for the share! Pretty simple, but cool concept!
  2. I don't know if you're into arts and craft, but this dude does some stuff I think you'd be interested in.
  3. Yeah, dude, you totally need to watch his animations. He was also in the second JonTron Malcovich sketch as the "lady" cohost. Anyway, they are both hilarious people in my opinion. Glad to hear that I introduced you to Jon, though. He is a fun guy!
  4. The first JonTron I saw was Nightshade: The Claws of HEUGH. I think I actually came across him after you posted something about JonTron or Game Grumps. It's been a while, I can't remember exactly. I watched a bunch of his videos with a friend and he's the one who got me onto Game Grumps after that. I initially didn't pay much attention to it but after a few jokes that received too much explanation and a few forced sounding swear words I realized I liked Jon's input better.

    Admittedly, I haven't watched much of Arin. From what I've seen he's got a good sense of humor, I just feel that he tries a little too hard to be funny on the spot. Like it's expected of him or something.

    Oh man, first time I saw his face I did a double take. I thought he was MILF! xD
  5. I actually was a fan of Arin without knowing it because of his first big hit, Metal Gear Awesome. Then right after Game Grumps started, but before we knew it existed, edczxcvbnm and I randomly came across his YouTube channel and caught up while hanging out one day.

    So we obviously run into Arin's promo for the Game Grumps channel. The one where Jon literally tackled Arin on the couch. Anyway, I remember that I have seen the dude before, but I can't remember. I blow it off until the next week at edczxcvbnm's again where he says that JonTron is hilarious, and we need to watch his vids. When we play the drunk Castlevania one, I remember. I actually watched that one, but put it off because when I saw it, I had a crappy PC that had trouble to the point of streaming ANYTHING.

    So yeah, I was actually fans of both of them before I even knew it! WHAT?!

    Anyway, yeah, I find Jon more entertaining, but I like Arin as well. I mean, Jesus, Awesome Reach had me in stitches the first time I saw it. I like crazy humor (Belto Maxson), so yeah.

    Anyway, I do see where you are coming from, but I have grown to like both of their humor styles. Even when they BOTH make me shake my head!
  6. Oh no, I don't mean as a person or his opinions or anything, I just find his jokes utterly terrible. xD Id probably find him funnier if he didn't try so hard. "Bothers" was a harsher word than I should have used.

    I could be completely biased though as I started watching JonTron before Game Grumps and generally find Jon more entertaining. Arin has his moments, but more often than not I find myself shaking my head asking myself why.
  7. I think both of them have their moments where their opinions aren't either backed up very well, or they just don't think things through in my opinion. That said, I adore both Jon and Arin. I mean, I always held the opinion that internet people that I follow don't have to line up with my opinions. I look at it this way: I have a decently large group of friends. All of us come from different background and we all have very different core beliefs the deeper you look into each one of us. Yet, I still love and care for each one of them, and I enjoy spending time with them.

    So when Jon, Arin, or someone on the net that I like says something disagreeable to me, I just let it slide. There are other factors that come into my reasoning, of course, but I simply enjoy their work. No need to get all up in arms over opinions!
  8. Does egoraptor bother you as much as he bothers me?
  9. That would explain everything. Kiefer is a pirate - YouTube
  10. Every time I see your name my brain automatically shortens it to Sex.
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