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  1. The End is so random! It's hard to actually use it!

    PS: Thank you!
  2. I used to be a fan of Sephiroth because Super Nova is such a great spell, but then I decided Selphie's The End is even better, so it's better to be a fan of hers. P.S. Happy birthday sweetie!!
  4. Yes, I've played StarCraft, SC: Brood War, SC2: Wings of Liberty and SC2: Heart of the Swarm. To be honest, I never got into the multiplayer aspect of the game, I just played through the single-player campaigns and enjoyed them. I think the storyline is really good there. I've also played plenty of fan-made campaigns for SC and BW since the map editor that comes with the game is extremely versatile. I even made some maps myself, though it's been 10 years or more.
  5. Did you try Starcraft? Is it good? Was thinking of trying that too.
  6. Too bad the sequel to C&C Generals was cancelled. But yeah, Generals: Zero Hour was a great game.

    Aye aye, Commander, do as Pike says and play the earlier RA games.
  7. Haha, I play C&C generals too and love the series!!
    Alright! One day! I will download RA 1 and 2 and tries it since you and Pike recommend it highly!
    Graphics be damned!
  8. To be honest, I think both RA1 and RA2 are great. The user interface in RA1 is badly outdated, but the gameplay is still addictive. RA2 has one of the best gameplays in the C&C series, IMHO, arguably losing only to C&C Generals and C&C3. The balance of the add-on, RA2: Yuri's Revenge, is horrible, though. I just can't seem to be able to enjoy RA3. The economy is extremely slow, and it's not exactly my idea of an epic war to win Skirmish/multiplayer matches with super small armies consisting of nothing but ~5 low/mid-tier units.
  9. Oh yes!!! Although I've only played Red Alert 3 because I am a graphic whore.

    I heard Red Alert 2 is great but I need time to adjust to the graphics.
  10. Hi Christmas, I've played Red Alert 2 during the last couple of days. Have you played the RA series?
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