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  1. I don't know how to describe it, but its cute
  2. Aw :kaohappy: What does the fox dinosaur sound like?
  3. Yoshi is super cute

    We just bought Mario Tennis for the Wii and his noises are adorable
  4. That's good. It's probably been ~10 years since I played Super Mario RPG, but this thread of yours made me want to play the game again, so I loaded up an old save and beat the last boss again. Funny how I've forgotten everything about the game. Oh, and about your avatar: Yoshi is just so cute. *cuddles Yoshi*
  5. I did figure it out, but thanks for the help I've only used the zsnes once and I only played the super nintendo once in my life many years ago so I was pretty lost
  6. Hiya, I saw your Super Mario RPG thread. Did you figure out how to access the menu yet? You can open it by pressing the "X" button. To find out which key is configured to X, press ESC to open up the ZSNES menu, then go to Config and Input #1.
  7. Thanks, I like it
  8. Hullo. Just wanted to say your avatar and sig are sooooo cuuute.
  9. G'day. How are you doing? ^^
  10. Hullo
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