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  1. So can we try to hash out this thing about you thinking I always insult you instead of criticizing your arguments? I'm really not sure where this started, and I was actually being very careful, and have been in general lately in all threads because I do know it's something I can sometimes slip into, to only criticize your arguments. I've looked back at my post in that thread and I'm not seeing anything insulting you. I may have been a bit blunt in judging your statements, but I've never been one to beat around the bush with that stuff.

    Honestly, I'm not sure where this comes from man. For years I've actually respected you and enjoyed debating with you. I even thought we were friends for the longest time until the first time you brought this up. It was a complete shock to me at the time but I've still tried to be cognizant of it ever since. I just want to try and find a way to bury the hatchet so to speak. If it is just my usual bluntness that's getting to you then fair enough, but I thought you might like to talk about it with me and this is probably a better place than that thread in hindsight. I'm more than willing to discuss this and even tone it down a bit if that's what's bothering you.

    Again, I like and respect you so I'd honestly like to put this to rest.
  2. Same to you good buddy!
  3. Hey Vivi happy holidays here's to some quality gaming in 2015!
  4. We almost won MLT fight each other to the death.

    But... but I thought we were friends.
  5. I might, but it'll either wait until I'm employed, or sometime after Gran Turismo 6 comes out.

    But seriously, I wasn't even upset about what Spuuky said. I'm just a little too blunt most of the time and not very good at diplomacy so it seems like I get worked up when I'm really not. I could probably count the number of times I've actually gotten angry about something here in the last few years on my hands and not need to move to my toes.
  6. And I'll always stand by you man, but we gotta step back sometimes cause this internet trout is crazy.

    I see Freya trying to coax you into GW2, if you make the jump let me know cause I'd love to play with you guys.
  7. Why is it that my lack of an internal swear filter and tendency to be blunt leads everyone to believe I'm angry?

    I did edit it a bit though since it may have been slightly over the top. I stand by the sentiment though.
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