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  1. Of the Remake? or E3 in general?
  2. Exactly. So what's your overall take?
  3. Agreed. I think about that feeling you get when you leave Midgard for the first time and get to really see the world and think to myself that today's games couldn't do the exact same thing and get that kind of reaction. It will be interesting to see how it pans out at least.
  4. No - no guarantee it will ever come out, looking at the announcements Square made at the beginning of last generation. I'm not convinced they can pull off all the mini-games and interactivity that made the game so special - that's something that's gone away with recent AAA games. We'll always have the original but I'll stay cautiously optimistic about this for now.
  5. Are you excited for the VII remake?
  6. The Japanese demo was amazing, I really love the comic book cutscenes. The stages have been pretty fun but the tank boss fight is just brutal.

    I'm definetly picking it up when the time comes. ^_^
  7. Oh man thanks a million for that. I remember when the game came out, talkin about it w/ ppl, finding all the easter eggs like the one you just sent me.

    I'm totally ready for Peace Walker.
  8. What is up you ask? I'm in a box...
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