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  1. Thanks, that makes me feel good. I was afraid it was too much.
  2. Please note that no matter how much we bitch each other out for liking or not liking the FF7 Compilation the sight of Pinkie Pie in your signature always, always cheers me up.
  3. Ah, fair enough :P I am a bit careless in Nuzlockes; all too often do I count on the luck of the draw, so to speak, to get me out of some dodgy situations, though I am getting wise to things like switching out to a ghost if I think an enemy will selfdestruct and so on. So far I've never had my starter survive either.
  4. I love the eevee evolutions, so they don't die. This means they usually get sent to my box or left with exp share. Or if I have to use them and they do faint, It is only because they were the last pokemon in my party, so I let them live. I am very very good at pokemon though, so even though I played nuzlock on my pokemon black, I have had to realease only 2 pokemon total.
  5. Figured I should continue it here: what do you mean "Except for Eevee evolutions?" Do you forbid yourself to use those or something?
  6. In an old Teletext page named Digitiser, that was their caricature of Mr. T.
  7. I am having a difficult time deciding what your avatar is.
  9. What's to say I don't WANT my fourth wall broken eh?
  10. Happy Birthday!
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