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  1. I can't take credit for it, sadly. All staff

    I'm back in the UK, trying not to hate it here, haha. Yourself?
  2. Good to hear! Digging your new name! What country are you in atm?
  3. Jolly, jolly good. Yourself?
  4. Hey bro! How have you been? ;D
  6. Well, aren't you living the perfect life? xD

    Nah, not much chance, unfortunately. Just work, work, work.
  7. Getting some snowboard instructor certificates! And hopefully paint and draw a lot. And play Dark Souls 2. I take it you're enjoying China then! Do you have any time to travel around that massive country?
  8. What are you doing in Canada, you silly man? Other than enjoying the people, land and cultures, I mean.

    I am indeed still here, and I intend to be for another 18 months!

    Hmph. Do you even have to ask? Praise the Sun!
  9. :0 Because I'm in Whistler, Canada and my ps3 remained in the Netherlands! But fear not, I have some friends coming over who will try their best to bring my console so I can prepare for the glorious Dark Souls 2. What about you? Are you still in China? And if thou had to choose between Sunbro or Darkwraith, what would it be?
  10. Dark Souls. Darrrrrk Souls! Why can you not play Dark Souls?
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