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  1. Aiai sorry for getting back to you so late! I seriously started with downloading an episode of Bob Ross, buying the materials he uses (Bob Ross magic white is the secret ingredient, easy to order online) and the oil paint colours he uses (Thalo Blue, Van Dyke Brown, Titanium White, he lists them all at the start of an episode) and then press play, watch what he does, pause the video, do it yourself, press play again etcetera. It is the best tutorial I have found!
  2. Do you know any good tutorials or whatever to painting?I really want to paint, but I have no idea where to get started.

    It'd just be nice to see you win some other awards that Best Artist for once!
  4. So it was you all along! ;D Not too shabby on the nominations yourself, I might say! Congrats to all the winners ;D
  5. You're welcome for the Most Exciting and Most Chilled-Out (although they kind of sound contradictory) nominations!
  6. I'm good thanks! How are you? Excited for Ciddie time is here!

    How are you?
  8. No worries Jinx! Whenever I find the time I'll try and sketch something for a tattoo. If you stumble upon a cool idea, just let me know : )
  9. Well, I first downloaded it last autumn. I read through the lyrics that came with it, and they're incredibly powerful and beautiful.

    I dunno. I wouldn't mind something rather large. I would also love to get in some of your landscapes if possible.

    Don't think I have forgotten about finding one of your paintings! It's just getting enough monies that's the problem.
  10. Jinx! Apologies for not getting back to you sooner! Awesome that you already have a couple tattoo's, believe it or not it's quite pressuring to draw someone's first tattoo.. although that only happened once so far. Turned out great : ) Just thinking of the top of my head; how about a phoenix with an elephant head? Let's brainstorm a bit if you want, I'm sure we can come up with something awesome! Oh, and did you have a place and size in mind where you'd want to put it?

    Lead vocals in the MAYDAYS is yours truly, as well as guitar : ) Awesome to hear you've been listening to it! What do you think?
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