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  1. >>> Well, I dont spend much time on FF related art now.
    but thanks anyways.
  2. I've read Proto's post in the "compliment a member" thread in EoEo and I am here to leave you a compliment!

    Mr black orb spends most of this time bringing life to the art forums with your works. I still enjoy looking at the banner that you make for EoFF! You are Talented and awesome!!
  3. Actually I wanted my PC to be able to run everything inclusive of entertainment for me.

    Like when I am in EoFF and playing ps3 games on another window using a PC.
  4. >>> Just get a PS3, is cheaper than a PC that can run a PS3 emulator..
  5. There are! But none of them seems to be working yet.

    And I thought I can finally play FF XIII on my PC.
  6. >>> PS3 emulator?? Im not sure but I dont think there is one..
  7. I use my PC to emulate consoles too!!

    But it had been some time since I does that! The last time I use an emulator is a fully workable PS 2 emulator I think. Is a working PS 3 emulator out yet?
  8. >>> Consoles, I dont use the PC to play games (unless im emulating a console)..
  9. Yes I know.

    Are those console or PC games?
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