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  1. >>> my duelist code
    I think I have room for one more friend..
  2. Firstly, you get 200DP even for beating guys you previously beat. So even with a trout deck, you can gain DP at a fairly slow rate early chapters.

    Also, my Duelist code. We need to enter each others to add one another though.

  3. Or you know, you can forget about us and not vote round 3 so we all cry ourselves to sleep. I guess you could do that. ;_;
  4. All hail round 3!
  5. >>> Who knows..
  6. ...Is that guitar actually his member?
  7. >>> FireCracker is a cool name too, think about it..
  8. I move you read my story in writers corner, and then draw my characters, as I would like to see what your take on them is.

    Do so and I will grant you another user note, which I will probably do anyway. So really you get nothing out of this except something to draw.
    But YOu like drawing, so get to it slacker.
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