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  1. Our old prez was a smurfing neeeeeerd
  2. I did know that! Too bad he was given the weakest game in the series lol
  3. it is certainly an odor
  4. cuz you missed the stank
  5. it smells here whyd i come back
  6. hey loser welcome home
  7. I played on the hardest difficulty at first but I regretted that decision pretty much immediately after getting acclimated to the game.
  8. Oh yeah, the combat is pretty hard to grasp. But I feel a bit better about it now, but those Xaurips are still giving me headaches
  9. I didn't bother with Old Caed Nua until I leveled up since the combat got me some getting used to.
  10. I got the Caed Nua stronghold in Pillars of Eternity and I think it's really neat! I kinda love these town expanding sidequests in games.

    Though cleaning the basements will take some time, it looks like. Got to level 5 of the Od Nua Endless Passage and it's getting pretty brutal so I had to retreat >.>
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