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  1. Glad you are enjoying it this time. P3 stood out to me due to it's artistic nature and how it the gameplay was used to push that concept forward.
  2. So, I picked up Persona 3 FES again. Maybe it's because I'm coming in this time with no expectations of how a Persona game should play, but I've been enjoying it a lot more this time around. It's weird, I think I'm actually having more fun playing this entry than Persona 5. Everything's simpler, but it feels more... streamlined as a result? Can't wait for the boss fights, those were my favorite moments in P4, and I remember being disappointed by the P5 boss fights, sans the last 2 dungeons.
  3. Very true, I feel MGSV is certainly a strong finish for a pretty damn good franchise.
  4. That's an interesting read. There's also something to be said that the closest thing to a satisfying conclusion in MGSV requires every player online to disarm their respective bases, running counter to the power fantasy the game advertises. People who play MGSV want to be Big Boss, the leader of a nuclear armed micro-nation, but they won't feel any sense of satisfaction or closure unless they reject his methods.
  5. Yeah, I pretty much decided that MGSV was Kojima trying to get across the message he had in MGS2 but did a better job of removing the MC's dominate personality to make it easier for the audience to project onto him and realize he's a player avatar instead of a separate character like Raiden felt like. Hell, I still think the unfinished quality of MGSV was done on purpose to give the impression to the player that the story and world are not finished until the player decides and not when Kojima/Konami says it is. It will be interesting to see what he does with Death Stranding.
  6. Most definitely, lol. Read the MGS2 VR Theory as a College Freshmen (probably should've been doing my assigned reading, but whatever, I was hooked). I read the MGS4 article almost immediately after. During my Junior year, I learned about Bertolt Brecht, and my nerdy mind made the connection to the MGS series.

    I gotta say, regardless of how people feel about Venom Snake in MGSV, the reveal completely changed the way I viewed Kojima's approach to writing his protagonists. Kojima finally gives the player a character they can imprint on, and he's a near-silent character with very little in the way of personality, backstory or motive.
  7. Have you ever read this series of articles?
  8. Yeah, if you read comments by the fanbase in social media, the SMT/Persona fanbases are all assholes. Not that FF doesn't have it's fair share of those types (myself, likely included) but I've been through enough of it not to want to get involved. I like talking about the games, but I probably wouldn't bother joining a large community or anything just so I wouldn't have to deal with that type of negativity.

    I feel DQV kind of trips and stumbles in the third act, leaving a bit of a bad taste towards the end compared to how great it was for the first two acts. I need to replay it again to see if that feeling will change. I love DQIII, and while the episodic story element does disappear in the games "third act" if you want to call it that, if you've played the earlier games, it has it's own fair share of treats to offer that makes it enjoyable in a different way.
  9. So, because of your list, I decided to power through the third act of Dragon Quest V (an amazing game, but the pacing starts to die once they drop the episodic structure of the dungeons. Do all of the games suffer from that?) and now I've bought Dragon Quest III on my Android. Still super early, but I'm loving it so far!

    Side note: I see your conversation w/ Fynn and I totally agree on the SMT fanbase. Haven't been on the reddit, but they always kinda struck me as toxic elitist snobs.
  10. I have a soft spot for old school dungeon design in RPGs, so it may not affect me too much. It will probably come down to how the battle system works or if I like the characters.
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