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  1. It helps a large part of the staff who did the earlier seasons came back to work on it.
  2. So we finished season 10 yesterday and overall I think it was quite a strong season! I find it really interesting how, despite the fact that quite a long time has passed, the show actually still feels like the X-files - actually even more so than seasons 8 and 9. It’s so tonally consistent with the previous ones that you can barely tell that time has passed between the seasons.
  3. Well there was a reason they brought him back for the new seasons.
  4. We had a full six seasons without him. And from what I saw of his filmography, he really doesn’t have a lot of writing credits in general. Which is downright baffling since it’s insanely smart and funny at the same time which is such a rare quality and I don’t know whether I want him to have my babies or if I want to kill him so that I can consume his essence and get the talent he has.

    Every single one of his episodes so far has felt too good to be true. I am not okay
  5. Doesn't work on the myth arc as much I guess.
  6. And will most likely be mine as well

    Why doesn’t he do more stuff. It’s all gold.
  7. That was my favorite episode of that season.
  8. Just watched Mulder and Scully Meet The Were-Monster. It was so good I cried. Darin Morgan, I’ve missed you so!
  9. Very true, growth is important for a character. That was actually one of the more surprising things about Ash vs. The Evil Dead was them actually giving Ash some real character development.
  10. So far I do enjoy the fact that they didn’t revert Mulder and Scully to that pure believer/skepticism dynamic they had before. They’ve both grown a lot over those years and it’s so nice to see the show let them be more nuanced, since it could’ve just been so easy to bank on that old dynamic since people loved that
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