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  1. It's why you do them early, so you can get access to the best gear in the game. That and some actually finish up certain plot threads as well.
  2. I got the very nice elfin now out of a hunt way sooner than it could be bought
  3. Yeah, I know a few people who ruined the Mark Hunts for themselves by waiting until the end to do them.
  4. Yeah, I don’t want to wait all the way til the end, I’m just not ready for the Rank V ones yet. That’s good to know either way
  5. Surprisingly, no Mark Hunts have time windows. You could wait to do them all at the end of the game if you wanted, though they won't be as enjoyable.
  6. Hey I have a question. I know what happens to Bur-Omisace later on, so I’m wondering. I have a couple of mark hunts with petitioners at Bur-Omisace, but they’re rank V, a bit too tough for me now. Can I still come back and pick them up after the Stillshrine of Miriam or will they be permanently gone?
  7. Very likely.
  8. Well then, this is a definite recommend for you
  9. I plan on checking it out sometimes, I loved the Devil's Backbone and Pan's Labyrinth, so Del Toro does some good stuff.
  10. As a die hard shipper, I also love the fact that we had a ton of Mulder and Scully moments. It’s sad the response was so lukewarm.

    Speaking of movies, have you seen Del Toro’s the Shape of Water? Just saw it at the cinema and I liked it a whole lot. Definitely recommend it, though it’s often as dark and violent (and smurfed up) as you’d expect Del Toro to be, despite being overall a very fun and even heartwarming film.
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