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  1. The entire Dunana Unification War could had been avoided if a lot of people stopped being stupid, but yeah, it was sad to see Anabelle go, especially since she was the only sensible member of the City States. I think only Theresa of Greenhill has a decent head on her shoulder.
  2. So Jowy did something bad and now I’m mad because Anabelle would definitely have survived if she and Viktor had boned instead of being all coy about their feelings for each other
  3. Thanks man
  4. I'm sure you'll do fine, though good luck with the sleeping part.
  5. Well of course. But I’m sure we’ll manage somehow
  6. It's different when it's your own spawn from what I've heard.
  7. Trust me, my baby brother’s a Leo, I know how to put those in their place
  8. Congratulations and good luck with that.
  9. So, it’s a Leo
  10. No worries.

    Yeah. he's a late comer, but his legacy lives on in the sequels. He returns in SII where he's still just for Army Battles but in Suikoden III you get to meet his grandson, in SIV you meet his ancestor, and in SV you get to meet Isabel and Mathias, two of his former knights who love to help the prince to "decapitate evil and bury them in the nearest body of water". They're a fun crew.
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