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  1. I know the biggest trick is to make sure you let Ricard have the Blood Sword and die with it, so it is accessible for the Soul of Rebirth section. Makes the boss battles way easier.
  2. I’m probably be doing something similar as last time. What I need to think about harder are the Soul of Rebirth builds, since I remember attempting that once in PSP and dying very fast. Which is weird because I did best this once in the past.
  3. Do you have an idea for FFII builds?
  4. Awesome. Will do that lol
  5. Exactly, I have fun with Berserkers honestly. Seriously, a Monk with Haste and using the Giant's Glove for the Saber spell and you have a boss killing machine.
  6. Thanks, sounds like sound advice. I do like one party member to just hit every turn and not worry about anything. I think it’s one of the reasons why I like Umaro so much in FFVI. It doesn’t matter that I can’t control him when I literally want him to do one thing and he does that thing super well
  7. I would do monk just to have a second consistent damage dealer, and one that will be incredibly useful in the early game while grinding all the gil to make Warrior/Knight not suck so much. With stuff like Healing helms, I wouldn't worry too much about more magic. Even in the remakes, I never felt offensive magic did well compared to a fully buffed Knight or Monk.
  8. Right so I’m slowly preparing mentally for my marathon. Trying to figure out my FFI party. It needs to be good since I’m doing as much optional stuff as I can this time, and this means that I’ll be doing the Soul of Chaos dungeons. I’m set on fighter, black mage and white mage, but the fourth slot is still something I can’t figure out. I don’t want thief since I used him last. I was thinking red mage, since a lot of people seem to recommend him as it’s nice to have someone who can do a bit of everything as backup, but then I also worry he’ll be more dead weight later on. So there’s also the monk who has a nice clearly defined role, but that also means I’d have access to fewer spells in the end. So those are the two I’m considering for that position and I can’t decide, and I’m actually starting to think their might actually be a viable option instead
  9. Yeah pretty much. It doesn't happen as often but it was pretty cool when these things happened.
  10. Very interesting. So it’s kinda the opposite of what happens nowadays. Kinda reminds me of what happened with Pokémon Gold and Silver when they had so much more time and cartridge space left that they decided to put in the entire region from the previous games in there
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