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  1. Sounds a bit like Nier, you have to basically play the games three times each to get the true story on what's going on.
  2. To me one of the most interesting things it does is have three separate plotlines from the same starting point that each build on top of the previous one thematically, with the plot itself going in very different directions and the main character and his mindset being challenged in increasingly heavy (and painful >.<) ways as the routes progress. It's not something you see done in many games or VNs or any media really, I can only think of two others that kinda do it. Makes me wish more games attempted this kind of storytelling.
  3. It looks intriguing, one of those series that's on my back burner if I an ever find the time to get around to it.
  4. Ah I see ^^ was curious, was thinking a lot about it today and felt like you might know it. It's got some real good stuff in it, I must say.
  5. I'm familiar with it, like I know all the characters are technically based on fictional and historical figures like King Arthur for the Agrias looking girl and the one guy is Gilgamesh who did the whole magic aerial sword trick Noctis is known for. I remember hearing it started it's life as a Hentai Visual Novel before it's popularity spawned a SFW version which took off and became it's own franchise.
  6. Random question, but are you familiar with Fate/Stay Night or other parts of the franchise at all?
  7. No problem, not sure if it was an insightful though.
  8. Thanks ^^
  9. Maybe, maybe not ... ever more curious now at least heh
  10. I've read the premise, but I'm not sure if you would care for my answer.
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