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  1. It could be good. I'm glad it's a continuation and not a total reboot. Maybe my kids will like it, but it would be sad if they liked this new version and not the original.
  2. What is your opinion of the Ducktales Reboot?
  3. It was all her, but she's not in this conversation so I take full credit.
  4. I thought I was logged into my personal twitter when I saw your kids pop up on my work feed, but no, it turns out that TWELVE THOUSAND PEOPLE like your kids! Good work, all of you D:
  5. Guess who's back, back again...
  6. Hafa adai! ANTONICLES IS BACK
  7. Sunset Village, Courtside! I guess they rent it out to loads of conference-goers. Eating in a student dining hall is weird, I don't know how students could do it everyday!
  8. Young is good, Powell is the main one though. I stayed in the dorms up the hill. Which one are you at?
  9. I should try find the student union. I'm staying in some dorms that are up a hill! I went to the Young Library today, it's very fancy.
  10. Yeah, it's a big campus. If you wanted to take the Tony Tour you can check out the Bearwear store in the student union where I used to work, eat at the food court upstairs where ate pretty much every day, gaze upon the no frills but functional science buildings in South Campus where I spent most of my time, go to Powell library where I went to study maybe twice, and if you are really up for adventure, hike the hill to the dorms where I lived for two years.
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