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  1. Well, great Here's my art thread (I also have this recent piece in myt profile picture) and my composition thread - like I said, I'm still kind of fresh, but I'm making steps. I'll link you to some of my stories later - I need to take care of something now, and I'd like to select some standout bits so you don't have to slog through hundreds of stories
  2. That would be great.
  3. If you'd like, I can link you some of my stuff so you can check out if I'm a writer/composer/artist you want to work with
  4. Neat! Be sure to wifi battle me in the summer! We can share friend codes.
  5. Solarbeam + Sunny Day is fun.

    I'm not getting white until my current semester of school is over, or I would play too much and fail all of my classes. I'll be getting white.
  6. I prefer fire-types myself. Love my Typhlosion's eruption. But grass is cool. I taught him Solarbeam the other day. And it's kickin'

    Don't have Black yet, but I can't way to get it. Have you played it yet?
  7. Leech seed is love
  8. Looks like you like grass-types.
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