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  1. Haha, Germany is still in the world cup? You are a supporter of Germany?
  2. I would still like to see it though ^.^
    I had a cookout with the family, watched Germany kick some butt, and packed for my trip lol
  3. It's a small and humble country. Nothing much really.

    So what did you do during independence day?
  4. oh! that's awesome
  5. I am from Singapore. Not many people heard of this place.
  6. haha thank you!
    where are you from??
  7. Woah!! Happy independence day for you!!! Long live the free world! You must be proud to be an American!
  8. mhm, it's Independence Day! Lots of fireworks will be going off tonight lol
  9. Yup, it's pretty beautiful! Nice beach and food!

    You are from the states? I think it's America's birthday or something right?
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