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  1. I'm sure it did. I'd be able to tell you for sure if I remembered what we were talking about.
  2. That must have taken some serious time and effort.
  3. This same person has remixed Hotel California as an upbeat, touristy island piece in C major.
  4. I like the original honestly, it's Hotel California that I feel should be banned because no one seems to know how to sing it.
  5. Wolfie, what if I told you that the bane of every karaoke night ever, Don't Stop Believing, has been remixed by a relative unknown as a dark, slow, angsty dirge in the key of E flat diatonic minor? Surely, you'd think that was an improvement on the original?
  6. That's good to hear.
  7. I'm doin' fan-spankin'-tastic!
  8. Not bad, not bad, how about you?
  9. How the hell have you been, you old howler?
  10. The Ceej!
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