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  1. Haha I'm not sure that's the point of the party.

    Although my condolences for only seeing the end of that film.
  2. oh the star wars club. I didn't join because I'm not really a fan of Star Wars. I've only seen the last half hour of Attack of the Clones
  3. Moons in Star Wars...think what we could do with you!

    To be honest, I don't know enough about SW to make anything truly brilliant. But I'm sure someone does!
  4. You're talking about my name change? Well another member picked it for me and I was going to ask Psychotic to change it to something more of my style while still being zombified, but I thought asking him to make me a set was enough at the moment.
  5. To think what the 501st could have done with a name like Depression Moon...

    I mourn your wasted talent.
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