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  1. Happy Birthday, DM!
  2. Hmm... I don't thin I can give you any better tip than to just conserve yourself and use some items just before the final confrontation. I think you also get fully healed at a certain moment, but I can't be positive. All I know is I managed to get through the final dungeon and best Nimzo all in one go, so the final boss isn't really that hard (which can't be said about IV and VI)
  3. You have any tips for reaching Nimzo without using up almost all your MP?
  4. It's not actually as bad as you think. He actually has a much lower max level than everyone else so every level up may take longer, but ultimately matters more because there's a larger stay growth
  5. OMG! Why does it take so long to level up Ward one level? He's still on level 7 while everyone else has gone up 2 levels and Dwight has gone up four. Grinding to win is a pain.
  6. Doesn't look like he has any skills that can't be covered by who you have. I haven't used him personally, so I can't say from experience, though
  7. Is Dwight any good? I forgot I got him too, but he seems vastly weaker to everyone in comparison. He's on Level 17 right now.
  8. Check if anyone has the spells I mentioned - Kabuff, Insulatle (Parry), Multiheal (King Orc). If not, I recommend leveling them to that point, otherwise you'll have a hard time. And make sure your son has the Zenithian Sword equiped/
  9. Here are the levels of my party.

    I also have Sancho, Sabre on level 27, a Metal Slime, a King Orc, a Brownie, a Frizzard, and a chicken. I didn't know you could have cure slimes. I was thinking about switching Mason out for my chicken since it knows a lot of spells.
  10. Alright, so let's take this here, so I can address you more directly

    First, tell me what party you're using. If you have your kids, you can level them up some more until your son learns Insulatle. You could also do with a monster that can use Multiheal - I think I had the Orc King, but a Cureslime could work just as well. You kind of need that spell for when the guy decides to zap you with lightning. You also shouldn't forget to kabuff and kasap, though kasap is optional as you can remove all of Bjorn's buffs by using the Zenithian Sword. Overall, physical attacks are the way to go, so Saber is a good choice for this fight if you've been leveling him up a lot.
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