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  1. Happy Birthday
  2. Just passing this out to some of the regulars who don't seem to be keeping up with the thread: Don't forget, you can increase your chances of winning that poster by doing the daily tasks mentioned in the poster giveaway thread. Keep an eye on things as your chances go up pretty high depending on this - and if you don't do any of the tasks your chances will obviously drop due to others doing those tasks!
  3. If you're in X-Death's castle, you aren't at the end of the game just yet. You'll be back on the world map again at some point between now and the end, I think...

    EDIT: Although I'm unsure what sidequests disappear at what points in the game, so yeah. Might need to make a thread if you want to know about that kind of thing. D=
  4. Didn't want to make a thread on this but I was wondering if I'm towards the entire end of the game in FFV. I'm about to fight Exdeath in his castle and was wondering because I want to try and go and do a couple of side missions first before I beat it.
  5. Limit bars appear on posts that have received reputation points. The more you get, the further the limit increases.
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