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  1. Nupe, you can post it up there!
  2. Is Relm's studio only for forum member's art?
  3. You could make a thread or you could contact the artist (if you know how to reach them) and ask if you can do a feature on them!
  4. I know we're not doing fan art friday anymore, but I like these Fran pics and want to talk about it, but not sure where I can.

  5. Happy New Year's Day
  6. Happy New Year!
  7. Time is running out, get your Ciddie nominations in !
  8. I know nothing about computers so I cannae help you there, but they really look awesome. If i had a color printer, i would print them all out. I especially like Bobby corwin and the baby chocobo. I made it my desktop wallpaper.
  9. I went to this site. Yugioh Card Maker
    I think I'm going to upgrade though and use this tutorial. {HD} Cards: Holofoil + 7 new custom attributes - Yugioh Card Maker Forum The thing is I don't know how to use GIMP. All I can do with it is scale images and change the files.
  10. How did you make the FF cards?
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