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  1. How's the 'Ignore List' thing working out? :chuckle:

    And it was very crafty of you to delete that message in my User Notes

    A Most Loved Man SEES EVERYTHING Bluey! :chuckle:
  2. No, I don't anymore. But that doesn't mean I'm ever going to date you. Just bugger off and leave me alone.
  3. but you don't have a girlfriend!

    stop making stuff up Bluey

  4. By trying to make me dump my gf for you. Never. Gonna. Happen.
  5. Why am I starting to annoy you Bluey?

    Gimme a good reason why!
  6. Because you're starting to annoy me.
  7. Why have you been avoiding me, you horrible creature
  8. I've been avoiding you. Can't you take a hint?
  9. I haven't heard from you in ages!

    Where the hell have you been?

    **Glad you're back **
  10. Keep dreaming. I wouldn't want you if you were the last stalker alive.
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