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  1. hiiiiii!!!!!! THEY HAVE SUMOMO!!and this cat is adorable:jinx:
    luv ur mario and pikachu and princess peach and fma!!! i luv hughes too bad he died!! oh i didnt tell u. this happend a while ago maybe last month but i was watching tv on a friday or saturday and i was on cartoon network at 12 or 12:30 am and FMA was coming on and guess wat epiosde it was!!??? THE EPISODE WHERE HUGHES DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was crying!!:kaocry2: it was soo sad i hate envy and elysia was like y r they urying daddy! omg that was the worst ep to put on.:kaobeg2:
  2. DHRUVI!!!!!! Curtains tomorrow :kaohappy2
  3. and Xion!!! haha
  4. thanks!!
  5. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo I love it!!!!!1 I love Pika's wings!!!!!!!!! :kaohappy2 each:
  6. I FINALLY GOT MY SIG UP!!!!!!!!! it wouldnt go up cause i printed the pics out then made this then scanned it but i thought of a brilliant plan and uploaded this pic on a website and now i can copy!! yes!!:kaohappy2 btw how do u change the 5 little things under the sig?? howd u get fma!!
  7. heeeeeey!!!!!!!!! omg its been such a long time!! ur santa peach is adorable!!!!!!!!!:kaohappy2 ah i forgot how fun these r!!woothat is soo cute!!look it princess peach! i can do magic!! poof u r gonna be like when u open my gift there have been a lot of :kaofight: lately and apparently r schools on channel 7 news:temigi: and on pg 13 of starlegger. all abt the fights. wow:mymelfacepalm: lol
  9. haven't talked to you on here in foreverrrrrrrr! each:
  10. I still see Togekiss! I told you beofre I think you'll be fine
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