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  1. Well it is an odd sentence on several levels.
  2. I'll be sitting this one out I'm afraid. Want to jump into more down the road though. Just a bit busy right now.
  3. You wouldn't happen to feel like joining another Mafia game, would you? :P
  4. Huh, interesting. I never would have guessed from the visuals of the game. Though I suppose the limited visual field alone could speak to them trying to get around some technical issues. Good to know. Thanks for that!
  5. Crash Bandicoot which I can guarantee never had to worry about hardware limitations in the PSX
    Actually I read a developer's retrospective a while back that confirms the opposite. Even the first game had to worry about it immensely, it's why the crates - which are only made out of a few polygons - ended up being such a huge thing.
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