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  1. >.>
  2. A rare tsun tsun Karifean appears!
  3. Pfft =P
  4. Love you too ;3
  5. Well that's not nice ^^
  6. Probably after Trails of Cold Steel and Persona 4, and maybe Nocturne I guess. Not for a while, I fear =P
  7. So when do you plan to play Chrono Trigger?
  8. I know I need to write it all down, definitely. It is pretty exciting though, since on the one hand, it's more of a traditional fantasy than what I'm writing now - in that, it's a completely fictional universe. But I think the idea is pretty cool because I aim to kind of deconstruct the notion of fantasy races - none of the races are traditional fantasy races, and there aren't even "humans" per se, and they really more resemble real life races, ethnicities, as well as the tensions stemming from them.

    So I kinda want to do it as an allegory, but it's been fun just thinknig of what this "similar yet different to our own" world does. Although, as usual, I think the story will mostly be about the characters and go into intimate detail regarding their issues and relationships.

    Still, I'm happy. I was worried that after I'm done with my current project, I'd end up an empty well of nothing, my creativity done. And now, i try to reassure myself that I can craft a completely new story from scratch, and what do you know - it comes to me! I can do this!
  9. I do get how damn tempting it is to just start new projects though That rush of motivation when you get into something new and exciting is pretty damn intoxicating.
  10. That's the last thing I'd need, tbh. I feel like this sroty lacks focus as is.
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