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  1. Yeah... I know that feel all too well.
  2. I occasionally dip my toes in and then quickly run away
  3. Thanks. It always takes a bit of convincing myself to actually dare put myself out there in Academia, so it's nice to hear some appreciation =P
  4. No rep points in Academia, so let me say I agree with you ^^
  5. Well that's just confusing XD
  6. Misread your post in the happy topic Xx
  7. Why what happened
  8. Note to self, do not try to read posts while pr occupied with exercising.
  9. I mean, we wouldn't have to keep it that faithful (SPOILER)Junko's role was pretty much just what mafia does, with her sister being like a vanilla mafia or something
  10. I was more referring to how the game almost ended on Day 2 ^^

    Btw the Danganronpa one will be tricky. We'll need "Danganronpa Spoilerssomeone to silently enlist and play the role of the unknown 16th student xD
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