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  1. Btw, you saying you don't even remember what Princess Mononoke was about made me realize that I don't remember much about it either, despite having loved it, so I rewatched it and... Holy crap, was it even better. It's weird how much more you can realize just ten years later. I still think it's a beautiful movie, but now I see that it has an amazing, universal message that is presented in a way that really does it way more justice than any other Green Aesop/hate is bad movie. Essentially, it's Pocahontas if Pocahontas realized that the spiral of hate turns everyone into monsters and perpetuates itself constantly, even if that hate is pretty much always justified, that all sides of a conflict are "human", in simple terms, and that they're diverse even within themselves, with lots of disagreements and strife even between people who have the same goal. There's a theme of the destructiveness of human ambition, which many movies have, but unlike most, this film shows the true tragedy of the situation: progress IS good for us and we can't just stop it to save nature even though we still need nature very much. We need to accept that something needs to die so something can be born, but we also shouldn't forget to temper that ambition once in a while. And the ending is just perfect - no matter how good your intentions, go kind you are, and how much you do, you cannot just end hate. It's a long process that requires time, patience, both sides healing, and whether it's really possible or not, it's still up in the air. Generations of prejudice won't just disappear because of a magical power of love - but it's a start.

    So yeah. The film is even more beautiful than I remembered.
  2. Sure :P
  3. Let me know if you ever need any tips on Persona
  4. Thanks for voting for my story :P
  5. You think?
  6. Heh, I think Akihiko's identity is pretty obvious myself =P
  7. Kind of. I'm still heavily procrastinating on my Bachelor's Thesis, and it's reaching ridiculous levels =/
  8. So what's up! Feeling a bit better?
  9. This is pretty much where all Academia threads end up
  10. Perhaps I should.

    Well I don't think the political thread is going anywhere anymore. At this point it's just conflicting practical experiences of Mister Adequate of myself, both of which are (probably) perfectly reasonable justifications for both of us holding the views we are. It's a far more personal thing for him than it is for me anyways. And as I said myself, I don't believe anyone can truly accept a conclusion handed to them by someone else, and that applies to the both of us in this thread =P
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