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  1. Sadly, we might not even have time to do it on Halloween proper. The 31st is a regular weekday here, but the 1st is a day off, so that's really when we'd do most of our gaming, I think. Though we might have some time on the eevening of the 31st. We're just... very busy aside from that, and what little free time I have in the week I try to force myself to write (this weekend has been worryingly unproductive for me ). But yeah, figured we should finally get on with those VNs you gifted me since we don't really play much at the moment and it seems like a good time to get into it.
  2. Haha, I see~ since they're originally Polish there's no reason to seek out the English versions then I suppose =P

    Also, sounds awesome =)
    Though if you want a scary story for Halloween, do consider reading the First Door beforehand. Second Door is way more 'Halloween-y' =P
  3. So uh, I heard tge German translations for the Witcher books are widely considered dpretty stellar

    just thought you oughtta know

    (also we are considering playing the House in Fata Morgana for Halloween)
  4. Haha... well then ^^
  5. Well then, you can cheer on me from here, so that I can finish my book, and then I can publish it and then it will become a bestseller. And maybe then I'll have enough money for a new phone so I can be around Discord more often again
  6. Well do what you have to. I do miss having you around on Discord tho =P
  7. Heh, pretty much
  8. Hmm, yeah it's not easy to really distance yourself from something you've put so much hard work and effort into, is it. Hell it's hard enough to do that with works you love or even identify with on a personal level.
  9. So like, I think I need to get off the Internet for a while. I'm still very motivated to write - my word count yesterday was twice as big as my Monday score. But now I've been looking at some things I like on the Internet and I see people posting opinions and... I'm scared.

    I mean, of course I know I will have to deal with criticism because different people like different things. In that one video WK posted, there was mention of how a pro knows their fear won't go away and just work in the face of it. And I try, but sometimes it gets overwhelming. Like, logically, I know I can't create the perfect work that everyone will like, but I would like to make something like that. And yeah, I'm pretty scared of criticism. I do my best to get the most out of it and make it all constructive, but if I'm being honest with myself, it terrifies me.
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