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  1. Excellent!
  2. Of course~ definitely wouldn't want to pass up on that!
  3. I seriously wrote a lot yesterday. If this keeps up, the draft should be done by the end of the year. Can I still count on you to be my beta?
  4. Hehe, sounds awesome~
  5. That moment when out of random thoughts you get a sudden epiphany and everything about your stupid novel project suddenly makes sense and you really want to write it
  6. Hm. Part of me is surprised, part isn't. P4 really is different in tone from the other games in the series.
  7. Well if she ends up not liking it that's that. Ahem, anyways. I applied for being a judge~

    Good to know about the older Personas, though atm I'm stalling P4G quite hard Somehow going into Rise's dungeon next isn't the most exciting of prospects. Ironically enough.
  8. ALSO (triple post lol ) - beat Innocent Sin again yesterday and got wrecked pretty bad emotionally, despite knowing what's gonna happen.

    Don't be afraid to try the older Personas someday, is all I'm sayin
  9. Btw, do you have access to the Garden Festival Committee? Cause I kinda recommended you for something here
  10. Oooooh, exciting stuff! I know the feel of getting your partner into something you like. Soooo satisfying.

    Unless she ends up not liking it in the end
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