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  1. Sure thing
  2. I'll be counting on you to be one of my betas once I have the first drafts of my manuscripts
  3. I know that feel.

    Ah, alrighty. Best of luck with your novels, I'm looking forward to reading them someday
  4. Mine neither, but that's mostly because for every game I finish I get three more

    By the way, I joined this writing site where a lot of writers take part and critique each others work. I feel like I'm finally ready to proceed with work on my novels. As a result, since I'll be devoting my energy to that, I don't think I'll have much left for shorts. So in simple terms, the blog will be going on hiatus for an indeterminate time (I will have an announcement). That doesn't meant I won't have shorts posted from time to time - I will be participating in contests, so I can post my entries, and sometimes I just get inspired and will need to write a story. I just need to take a break from trying to write them regularly. If I want to get any of these novels done, they deserve my full attention.
  5. My backlog isn't even gigantic but it hasn't been getting any smaller for a year now >_>
  6. Thanks! Though I do prefer physical games, I'll keep this in mind if I can't find it!

    (also my backlog continues being gigantic)
  7. Ah. Well if you want to pick it up, it seems to be currently on sale, along with a lot of other good games.
  8. I haven't played it but I want to give it a shot someday!
  9. Yeah, that's the one.
  10. No. Which one is it? is that the shooter?
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