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  1. Well I suppose it looks like a fun game =P
  2. aaaaaaaaaand?
  3. Watching my brother play Witcher 3 right now =P
  4. You're asking a lot of me ;_;
  5. Be strong
  6. Aah. Oh well.
  7. Not quite. While I'll have Internet come Wednesday, I still don't have an network card on my PC so I'll still be reliant on my wife's laptop. Also, still no phone :/
  8. Ah nice, that's a relief~ Will you be checking in on Discord again as well? It's kinda lonely without you =P

    That's awesome! I feel like that's what any story with mystery or even just twists should be like - to make you re-evaluate and see earlier events in a different light, especially on future playthroughs.
  9. They're apparently implementing some new electrical installations but, in the end, it wasn't that bad becasue we had both water and power over the weekend! So that was great!

    Btw, I recently managed to finally get my hadns on Persona 2 Eternal Punishment, so I'm replaying Innocent Sin to get ready for it, and oh boy, let me tell, am I appreciating the story even more than before. It's one of those stories where when you come back to it, knowing all the twists and the emotion, everything just feels so different, makes more sense, and resonates all the more strongly. Persona 2 has a really powerful story, can't wait to see how Eternal Punishment follows up on it. I know the cast comprises of pretty much just adults, so I hope that's as unique as it sounds for a JRPG!
  10. I see, interesting~ sounds manageable then. Still sucky though ^^ how did that even happen?
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