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  1. Oh yeah, that can happen too

    But yeah, normally, you shouldn't stick around for too long since he'll appear eventually anyway
  2. oh, I thought it was because I got a cursed card drop
  3. Well then, at least you know you shouldn't stay on one floor for too long now
  4. The enemy.
  5. You mean the Social Link? Or the Reaper?
  6. Well Death seems scary.
  7. Wait until you get access to the Compendium. There's no way to get Orpheus back otherwise, and he can be used to fuse one of the best personas in the game near the end.
  8. Hmm, guess I'll just try different things and see what happens. On another note, would you recommend Fusioning Orpheus and Pixie early or hold on to them?
  9. Sometimes it's better to study to raise academics or do something else to increase your performance. You can take on part-time jobs, you can go to bed early for a chance to get into great condition, and there are even a couple of social links only available at night.
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