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  1. No shame in that, IMO
  2. Got a bit too tired to go through the same puzzles over and over again randomly trying stuff so I caved and looked up the order in which to go through the doors. Ah well.
  3. If it's the coffin ending, then that's it.
  4. Well I found the "To be continued..." ending at least ^^
    Though finding out if anything changed with that is turning out to be quite a headache.
  5. You do that
  6. Ah alright. I'll just keep exploring then^^
  7. From what I remember, only one ending is necessary to get the true ending, and it's neither of those two.
  8. I have a question regarding 999; do I have to find all the other 5 (or 6?) endings to get to the true end or should I try to find it even now. I've just gotten the rightmost two endings (submarine and knife) and filled out the Memories of the escape.
  9. q is the best number.

    Alright, we'll see
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