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  1. I always appreciate a good plot twist, and while I don't generally mind misdirection, it depends on whether the actual twist is good or not. Sometimes, I feel the misdirection is more interesting.
  2. Though on the subject of plot twists, I do find it a cool experience to have your expectations toyed with, so while I can still appreciate them on a "the author did something really cool there" level it does feel like something is irreversibly lost. At least with twists that actually have business being one.
  3. I know right?
  4. Ended up watching the two videos you posted in Fynn's VMs. Pretty damn motivating =P
  5. Well just PM me or you can use the Visitor Message if you want. Hell, I don't even mind if you want to hijack the thread a bit. There isn't mch conversation going on in there anyway, so I'm cool with it.
  6. Ah, I see. I mainly ask because sometimes I want to respond to individual points in your top games topic but not hijack the thread, and I do like the semi-realtime back and forth of a text chat.
  7. Yeah, I'm not much of a chat person. It's easier for me to do conversations when I have a moment to mull over my response as opposed to real time type shenanigans. I've annoyed more than a few friends for taking hours to respond to texts and IM.
  8. Discord is a chatting software, and has replaced EoFF's IRC channel earlier this year. It's taken a lot of the internet by storm recently, and EoFF has a server. It's the rightmost option in the Frontsite, Forum, Blogs ... toolbar.
  9. I'm not even really sure what Discord is to be honest.
  10. I wonder, do you ever plan to join the Discord group or are you not a fan?
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