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  1. Yeah, by the time those franchises started to get popular, I was either diving head first into MegaTen or more likely too busy with going back to college.
  2. Ah damn. Was kinda wondering what you'd think of those ^^
  3. No, I have not. I think I played one of the Ys demo for the PSP (could be a different series though) but I have not to my memory.
  4. Random question, have you played any Falcom RPGs? Legend of Heroes franchise, Ys series, that sort of stuff?
  5. np~ and yep, fun times with those comments, heh.
  6. That will certainly help when the time comes. The comments on your video are hilarious too, typical Youtube.
  7. You gonna post your thoughts on choices as well? ^^
  8. I still haven't gotten access to the whole party, but of the classes I have, I'm quite impressed with Red Battlemage. Happy I started Fran out on that one. Kind of wish I had not started Vaan as Shikari though since the class looks like one that gets more useful later when Ninja Blades become accessible.

    Overall, I'm really enjoying the class system and how it makes the party feel more distinct from each other. Can't wait to see what Knight and Time Battlemage will look like since they will be my starting classes for Basch and Ashe.

    I am starting to rethink the classes I'm going to give everyone when the secondary classes become available.
  9. Ah nice~ what do you think of the selection of jobs?
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