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  1. No I missed that train I'm afraid. I didn't get a PC for myself until the late 90s and by then I was pretty much a console junkie. I've only recently returned to PC games in the last few years and even then, it's still my least favorite mode of gaming.
  2. Since I didn't see it on your list; have you ever played Warcraft III?
  3. I understand that feeling. I know I have some quirky taste which always makes recommending stuff hard for other people.
  4. That's good then =P

    I'm mainly asking cause I've just made the experience that I have a higher tolerance than most, at least when it comes to stories I hear people praise a lot, because I always find it interesting to see just what people see in a story even if I don't end up agreeing. Something I've had trouble with in regards to recommendations I give in the past
  5. If the premise is interesting enough, I can suffer through a slow pace but the payoff has to match up. 358/2 and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy are good examples of stories what have incredibly slow and dry pacing but had such a great climax that I can forgive it. On the other hand, FFX is a game that felt like it dragged on because the plot was a bit too predictable for me.
  6. Hmm, makes sense... I guess the better question to ask is, are you easily bored? In particular in cases when not much plot is being moved forward but just setting and characters slowly but surely getting established.
  7. It depends, though one of the factors that can change things for me is knowing what type of story it is. Most of the time I prefer a good hook early, but there are enough stories I've loved where the hook doesn't pop up until much later. Lovecraft for instance had a bad habit of not establishing a real strong hook until halfway through some of his short stories for me.
  8. So how important is a quick and early hook in a story to you?
  9. I always appreciate a good plot twist, and while I don't generally mind misdirection, it depends on whether the actual twist is good or not. Sometimes, I feel the misdirection is more interesting.
  10. Though on the subject of plot twists, I do find it a cool experience to have your expectations toyed with, so while I can still appreciate them on a "the author did something really cool there" level it does feel like something is irreversibly lost. At least with twists that actually have business being one.
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