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  1. You gonna post your thoughts on choices as well? ^^
  2. I still haven't gotten access to the whole party, but of the classes I have, I'm quite impressed with Red Battlemage. Happy I started Fran out on that one. Kind of wish I had not started Vaan as Shikari though since the class looks like one that gets more useful later when Ninja Blades become accessible.

    Overall, I'm really enjoying the class system and how it makes the party feel more distinct from each other. Can't wait to see what Knight and Time Battlemage will look like since they will be my starting classes for Basch and Ashe.

    I am starting to rethink the classes I'm going to give everyone when the secondary classes become available.
  3. Ah nice~ what do you think of the selection of jobs?
  4. It helped I got it as a gift. Not that I wasn't interested, just didn't have the money to pick it up when it came out. It's been an interesting experience so far.
  5. it's nice to see more people playing Zodiac Age finally =P
  6. Honestly it was the original Super Mario Bros. games, I use to design stages for them with friends in art period in the second grade. I also loved when GamePro would give me guides to level designs for the Sonic titles. I don't think I began to really take it seriously though until Chrono Trigger because it was a game that I simply kept discovering stuff for long after I thought I had mastered it. It gets some flak for some of it's quirky logic but it's kind of staggering how well integrated your choices are.

    For me, I've always been the type who likes to take things apart and see how it works, so I've been kind of doing that with games since I was little. I would probably say that it's the craftsmanship of a title that is often the most important element to me.
  7. Aah I see, that's a shame. For me it was kinda my gateway into becoming interested in game design, because holy trout the amount of creativity people poured into that game is just an incredible sight to behold, so I was wondering if you'd had an encounter with it yourself. Did you have a particular game that really made you interested in game design?
  8. No I missed that train I'm afraid. I didn't get a PC for myself until the late 90s and by then I was pretty much a console junkie. I've only recently returned to PC games in the last few years and even then, it's still my least favorite mode of gaming.
  9. Since I didn't see it on your list; have you ever played Warcraft III?
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