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  1. Discord is a chatting software, and has replaced EoFF's IRC channel earlier this year. It's taken a lot of the internet by storm recently, and EoFF has a server. It's the rightmost option in the Frontsite, Forum, Blogs ... toolbar.
  2. I'm not even really sure what Discord is to be honest.
  3. I wonder, do you ever plan to join the Discord group or are you not a fan?
  4. Well they're both pretty great tracks.
  5. Somehow the Nocturne battle theme reminds me a lot of this track: =P
  6. Yeah, Memories of the City is one my favorite tracks in the game. I feel like that's an Atlus signature, because Nocturne also changes the World Map when you reach the end as well.
  7. I probably would've enjoyed playing The Answer, but once I started watching the cutscenes I couldn't stop Maybe I'll still play it myself, but for now I'm satisfied with moving on to other things. Got Lucifer's Call (Nocturne) and TWEWY downloaded and want to get a hold of Persona 4 soon, so all of that's waiting already =P

    As for P3P, well, I don't really have the means to play it, so that'd probably end up being a 'look up videos of it' thing as well. Though maybe I will get the opportunity to play it at some point so for now I might just leave it as is. It'll probably take a while before I'm in the mood for a replay tbh.

    Gotta say, I absolutely loved how the entire OST changed in January. Such a beautiful touch.
  8. Lol! Not going to take the plunge into actually playing it though? Course I know you're here more for the story. Did you think you'll check out P3P and try the Girl Scenario?
  9. FES. And in case you're wondering, I've already watched a full cutscenes video of The Answer as well =P
  10. That ending still sticks to me years later, which version are you playing?
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