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  1. Oh those parts have been amusing, but I liked the story elements from the prior case against von Karma when Edgey was the defendant a little better.

    My main issue is that I've already figured out what's going on, so it's a bit boring just going through the case to figure out I'm right. It's the biggest issue I have with anything in the mystery genre. Once you know the answer, the rest of the story just feels like the writer dragging out or purposely misleading the obvious answer.
  2. For me the parts where Phoenix and Edgey tag-team made the last case all worthwhile =P
  3. Yeah, the top floors of Tartarus are kind of weird. Still, I like just being able to slaughter an enemy without having to resort to All-Out-Attack. My usual strategy is to have Satan and Helel and just spam Armageddon to clear out mobs. If you've unlocked Monad though, I would focus on leveling there instead of the top floors of Tartarus.
  4. Hey there, just wanted to say thanks for the tips, though I'm already to the "top" (Level 164) of Tartarus so as you can probably guess I did already pick up on most of that myself. Still kinda hurt when I fused away my Lua which had Maragi, Mabufu, Magaru, Zionga and Mamudo with Mudo Boost all in one package =P

    As for the whole specialty Persona, I like that approach when the situation is actually tense, but for the most part I'm just on the top 3 floors of the segment grinding random encounters, and there it quickly becomes too tedious to switch to appropriate personas all the damn time. Though I've already come to regret it once when I had Mabufula link into Bufudyne on my MC (don't think I was even ice weak but I wasn't at 100% HP and those spells easily do half my max HP in damage), giving me a swift Game Over after a half hour or so of grinding. It's kinda like the high end of Tartarus is stuck in this weird middle between being a challenge you need to watch out for and being mindless grinding where you don't need to pay attention much, which is somewhat exhausting ngl.
  5. No kidding? Thought it would show up again.
  6. The Knights of the Round actually make an appearance in that movie =P
  7. Nope
  8. Have you seen Kingsglaive? :P
  9. Yeah they definitely have the same vibe. Got to love Jazz though.
  10. The avatar also reminds me a lot of this opening (which is *very subtly* inspired by Cowboy Bebop :P).
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