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  1. They're on my bucket list of genres to delve into, but I'm trying to clear up my backlog a little more.
  2. You wouldn't happen to be potentially interested in visual novels... would you? ^^
  3. It's because I refuse to post in the FFX and XIII forums for the benefit of the fans not to have to listen to my constant bitching.
  4. No I haven't. I have not really gamed much lately. I keep talking about it but I also keep putting it off.
  5. Just wondering if you ever went back and read those two VNs?
  6. Well having read both Digital and dtipbijays in the mean time ... well they were okay, I guess. Neither takes more than 2 hours to read through (quite a contrast to Umineko which is longer than the freaking bible) and while they're near the bottom of my list they did well for only being so short. Oh well.
  7. I will, I know one is about a high school teacher who learns his students secret through the school's intranet and you get to decide to act on them or keep them a secret and the other is designed by the same person but has a space theme going for it.
  8. Let me know what they're like when you're done.
  9. I will have to add them to my list, my friend sent me to check out two others ones digital and don't take it personal babe this isn't your game. He really liked them.
  10. Well I certainly recommend it if you find the time for it.
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