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  1. You should, they did a great job with it and as usual the music is fantastic. Not that I'm bias or anything.
  2. I suppose I'll give it a watch then ^^
  3. Yeah, it takes place before the episode where Ed and Ein leave. It's a pretty good film.
  4. That reminds me, I never did watch the movie. It's a side story to the series, right?
  5. Yep, figured I should do another anime set. Been listening to the Cowboy Bebop movie soundtrack didn't hurt either.
  6. Ah Spike Spiegel. Classic.
  7. I don't have any visual novels yet per se, though I'm most likely going to give CLANNAD and Higurashi a try when the time comes.

    My backlog for the moment is just an abundance of Wii titles and PS2 games I bought in bulk a while back. Not to mention finish up a few SNES RPGs.
  8. Glad to hear you're intending to give them a try.

    What's your backlog consist of?
  9. They're on my bucket list of genres to delve into, but I'm trying to clear up my backlog a little more.
  10. You wouldn't happen to be potentially interested in visual novels... would you? ^^
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