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  1. Ooh neat. That's a good one.
  2. I has the Steins;Gate now!
  3. Thank you!
  4. I wish you a very happy birthday
  5. Well then, that's awesome
  6. Both, I think. I'm blessed in that I tend to pick things up rather quickly and am able to understand things more easily than a lot of people (not everything though, I certainly have my weak subjects). But actually making the best of that talent involves making sure I pay attention and take notes in class, read the textbook and rewrite important information to help remember it, discuss it and put the information in to practice to further reinforce it, and go back over it before tests to brush up on anything missing. Also good time management (usually) and getting things done early so I have time to revise and redo if necessary. Plus asking questions, of course
  7. Man =P Would you attribute that to diligence or talent?
  8. In that one class, yes! In the high 90s in most of the others
  9. Should be fine

    You still rocking that >100%? :P
  10. I hope you did well
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