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  1. Glad you enjoyed them. I didn't like the second game as much as I did the first but it was still enjoyable enough.
  2. Yup! Played both games, enjoyed them quite a bit.
  3. Hi hi! Just going through some old visitor messages. How have you been doing - did you ever get around to Danganronpa?
  4. Thanks! I know the basic setup of Danganronpa, but the gameplay elements sound interesting. Like you're finding out / deducing the truth by means of minigames or something? Sounds like it could be fun.
  5. Hey! I enjoyed Danganronpa. It's different to anything that I've played before so it made for a nice change. I'm not sure what you know about the game so I won't mention specifics incase of spoilers, but "things happen". When something happens you search for evidence, which you then use in something called a class trial. It involves a debate, and you use the evidence (truth bullets) to shoot down people's statements. You also have bullet time battle, which is a kind of simple rhythm game which you take part in during the trials, and something called hangmans gambit where you have to guess the word. I think that's as best I can describe it, so if you ever do get around to playing it then let me know what you thought!
  6. I'm interested in hearing what you thought of Danganronpa. It's a visual novel I've been thinking of reading for a while now.
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