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  1. No worries. It wasn't irritating, I'd just been wondering if it was something you'd like to share in a more private space. Best of luck
  2. Just feeling weird about a situation I'm sort of going through. I don't feel right addressing it publicly, so that's why my post was a bit vague. Sorry about that, I know that can be a bit irritating when people do that. I'll be alright.
  3. Have something you want to get off your chest?
  4. It's an alright place. Remember to press R or Z twice to dodge the bullets!
  5. Oh, neat! Traveling can be a nice change of pace, hopefully you'll enjoy it.
    Never been to America myself, but I hope to go someday.
  6. I have to go to Boston in a couple of days for a wedding. Not too crazy about spending so much money, but I never been out that way before, and it has been years since I have traveled for any reason, so it will be nice to get away!
  7. Can't complain. Got a bit of university stress which is only natural given the time of year. Summer should end up being pretty relaxing though, as I somehow ended up having no plans in particular at all. What about you?
  8. Thanks! Glad I can do something like that for someone! Anyway, yeah, things are going good. Hope things are cool for you, too!
  9. Hey there. Just felt like saying, your posts recently somehow always manage to put a smile on my face, I appreciate it.
    Things going well?
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