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  1. Phew, phew. So much stress! xD
  2. It's alright Jiro, even geniuses have bad days
  3. For some reason, both the avatar and sig added extra bytes to it. The avatar was something like 18kb, with 20kb as the limit. The sig was 199kb but I just checked the properties here and it said it was 200.96kb. I feel like a failure
  4. That sounded wrong....ignore the puns >.>
  5. Wait nvm, Ponty waved his magic wand around and made it work XD
  6. So umm, Jiro darling haha, you're not gonna believe this buuuuut, when I tried to put up your lovely avi/siggie set, EoFF smacked me in the face and was like "file too big!", at least it said that for a the avi :0 so what do I do?
  7. Haha thanks for all the hard work Jiro LOVE the avi/siggie!

  8. SUCCESS! Now just to verify the colour is okay?
  9. Nope it still wants to be ugly text... I'm going to try again!

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