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  1. Fingers crossed
  2. Hopefully I'll find a job soon or something
  3. Oh, I've been there. It's actually funny how suddenly all of that turns around and you have all these responsibilities... Crazy stuff. But yeah, I empathize with your feeling of too much free time.
  4. You can have some of mine. I've been sitting around doing nothing so much that I'm in a permanent version of cabin fever.
  5. Pretty good! Got a job that involves writing stuff in English that pays pretty darn well for a starting job, so I got that going for me. Plus, doing like a bajillion things on this site and other personal projects. And still gaming. Really wish I had a bit more free time
  6. Things are well! I'm getting over the flu, had my tongue pierced (twice) dating a girl from Nebraska. If I could just find a job touching butts I'd be all good!

    How have you been?
  7. Hey! We never really got to talk much since you came back. So how are things?
  8. I'm on my winter break now!
  9. hi buddy!
  10. How's my lovely hypoallergenic friend doing? It's been a long while since we last talked!
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